Treats for Chickens

A common question I get asked is “what treats can I give to my chickens?” There are of course no end of tasty greens that you can give to your girls that they will enjoy. Even a bucket load of weeds from the garden are a treat as they will scratch their way through them, sifting out the best bits, however if you would like to provide some really tasty treats that will help to tame your chickens to come to you when you want then insects or mealworms are really good for this.

The dried insects that you buy online are Gamma Irradiated & ozone steralised so they are pathogen free and  safe to use.

Insects for Chickens

insect treats for chickens

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Small insects can be added to your chickens feed or they can be fed to them by hand.

As you will see when your birds free range around the garden, they will eat any insects that fly or crawl close enough! Insects provide essential amino acids required for good health. The insects you can buy have been dried so will keep a long time so you can use them from time to time as healthy treats for your birds or to tame them. They can be scattered around the run to encourage natural foraging. If you are using these with young birds, soak them in water first to make them easier to digest.

Dried Maggots

maggot treats for chickens

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Dried maggots can be fed as treats for your chickens. They are high in fat and protein and provide lots of essential amino acids for your birds. As well as being a treat, they are useful to have in stock  for birds that are underweight, growing (due to their high protein / fat content) or recovering from illness.

Dried maggots keep for a long time and can be fed mixed with feed, scattered in the run to encourage foraging or soaked before use if feeding younger birds.

Dried Mealworms

Mealworm treats for taming chickens

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Mealworms are the larvae of a beetle which feed on vegetables. Dried mealworms are probably the most popular treat that chicken keepers use to tame their birds.

Mealworms are high in protein, contain vitamins and high grade edible oils. Mealworms that you buy dried will like the other insects keep a long time and can be scattered around the run to encourage natural foraging. Again, if you are using these with young birds, soak them in water first to make them easier to digest.

Feather Pecking Boredom Buster

Insect Peck a Block

Insect Block Boredom Buster – CLICK IMAGE TO BUY

‘Occupational Health’ for chickens! This is another nutritional treat but this time one that can be useful to use as a boredom buster. Chickens may start feather pecking if they are bored in a run during the day. Feather pecking is a difficult vice to cure but often if you have treats like this peck-a-block hanging in the run and you scatter insects in the morning and a handful of mixed corn per bird (called ‘scratch’ in the US) to encourage foraging, you can often stop feather pecking that occurs through bordom.

The pecking block contains a mixture of insects, grains, seeds and herbal extracts.

Pecker Recker

Pecker Recker – CLICK IMAGE TO BUY

Uncle Jimmy’s Pecker Recker for Chickens shown to the right is also a popular choice that is available from the Millbry Hill pet website. You can go to their page for this by clicking on the image.

It is a  complimentary Poultry Feed that provides long lasting stimulation for chickens and again, helps with boredom in the run. They are very reasonable priced at only a few pound so several can be kept in stock and added to the run as required.

Where to Buy Insect Blocks

Amazon have a complete range of reasonably priced insect treats in various sizes that are suitable for chickens available from a number of different sellers. You can see the complete range here on this page.

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  1. Wenda says:

    Chickens love fresh peas or thoroughly defrosted frozen ones and melon, cut it in half and let them peck it out of the rind, it keeps them happy. They also love strawberries but only give occasionally. I give them the ones the slugs have chewed and they eat the slugs as well, extra protein.
    I am glad to have found this web site. Most of the information on the net is from America.

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