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I have removed my email address and contact form from my website because I was getting so much unnecessary email.

If you would like to contact me, please leave a comment on below but first please note:

  • If you have a question about one of the topics covered by this site, please leave a comment in the comment box at the bottom of the relevant page and I will answer you there. I moderate and respond to comments every couple of weeks so don’t ask for urgent advice – this is a hobby website!
  • If you have a question about keeping chickens in general, I am afraid that due to the amount of questions I receive, I am unable to answer people individually Please visit the Google+ community we set up and ask questions there: Keeping Chickens Community.


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  1. Abby Forrest says:

    Hi, I am thinking about getting chickens but I live in an area that has a high stoat population. I know a neighbour lost chickens to a stoat but that he did have them for about a year before it got them. Do you have any advice/experience with stoats as a predator? Would I be safe letting my hens out free range during the day with one around? How would I stoat proof the coop and run? I have seen a number of ‘tree-house’ style coops, were a ramp leads up to a high coop and can be taken away at night, do you think this would be a worthwhile option? Thank you so much, there’s loads of good info on your site.

    • Keeping Chickens says:

      Hi Abby,

      To be honest, I’ve never had a stoat problem although they are around.
      I think you’re more likely to have a problem if they are hungry / short of food. They normally can only kill and take bantams / smaller birds so maybe it would be better to look at larger fowl for your location.
      Yes, the coop sounds like a good idea, but larger fowl don’t like climbing up too high so maybe conflicts with my advice…

      I would see how it goes, a friend that had a stoat problem lost many birds over a few months but once the stoat was caught, she had no further problems so I don’t believe it would be ‘all stoats’ that are a problem – you might be lucky. A chicken is quite a large bird for a stoat.

      There is more information on stoats on the website too that might help.

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