I have spent some time trawling the internet to find some of the very best sites about keeping and raising chickens. The following sites are some of my favourites or some that we have exchanged links with. I think they are useful to learn more about chickens and hope you will visit them and take a look.


Run by a small group of enthusiasts, poultrykeeper produces regular new content and now has over 500 poultry articles online as well as a number of useful reference pages and photos. Worth a look are the Chicken Breeds and Poultry Diseases and Disorders sections.

Trap manufacturers & suppliers of humane and live catch animal / vermin traps.

Manufacture quality poultry show cages. Most sizes are held in stock, we can manufacture different size poultry show cages to specific order. Poultry show cage fronts are available separately ideal for building your own training cages prior to showing.