keeping-chickensKeeping Chickens has given me so much pleasure! The earliest memory I have is of holding some fluffy yellow chicks that a broody hen had hatched out from a dozen eggs when I was 4 years old. I remember poorly chicks being placed in a shoe box in the airing cupboard and the noise they made when they were better but I also remember opening the door to our chicken house to find 30 bodies on the floor after a fox had managed to break into the house.

These early life experiences gave me a life long facination with chickens. When I was older, I had a burning desire to keep chickens again in my back garden. My early experiences of candling eggs with a torch and a toilet roll tube, hatching chicks under a broody hen, feeding chickens the right diet, and protecting hens from predators like foxes to name a few things have set me up to offer some good advice to new chicken owners.

I hope you will find this site easy to use and clearly laid out with everything you need to get started.