I use Verm-X for Chickens in between my 6 monthly worming using Flubenvet. I have found it to work well. It is a herbal product so as well as offering internal parasite control, it also is providing some useful goodness to keep my girls healthy.

verm-x with eggs

Verm-X herbal parasite control

As a herbal product that provides internal parasite control, the producers of Verm-X  have to follow the rules and regulations which all herbal medicines have to follow: It is called internal parasite control, rather than “anthelmintic” or “wormer” since it is not a licensed medicine (like for example flubenvet). DEFRA agreed the description of “herbal internal parasite control product” however Verm-X would not be allowed to pubish results of tests and trials or describe the properties of the herbs used in the formulation of Verm-X for example.

Verm-X was awarded full Ethical Accreditation which is an independent endorsement awarded by the Ethical Company Organisation (ECO). This rewards corporate social responsibility including ethical diligence towards people, animals, and the environment.

Verm-X spend quite a reasonable amount of money on marketing as they occupy space in many of the poultry magazines and the product is widely available throughout the UK. More recently, they have acquired Organic Certification for their Smallholder Packs.

Verm-X for chickens comes in a number of different sizes for different sized flocks of chickens. It is available in liquid or pellet forms.

The biggest advantage I see with Verm-X is that worm burdens are reduced gradually using the product which reduces the ‘stripping’ of the gut wall that takes place after worming with medicines designed to kill worms.

Verm-X can be purchased online on Amazon

Have you used Verm-X for worming your chickens? Please comment and let me know your experiences!


  1. Is this Verm – X vital for chickens. I am trying to keep chickens as cheaply as possible just of course want them to be healthy. I am sure i will use the worming thingy but do i really need this as well?

    Thank you

  2. Hi There
    I have beautiful black docks 25 weeks old just started laying no sign of worms but using Verm X as a preventive. Ill met you know how the girls get on

    • If you see any sign of worms or they stop laying for no reason, I would use Flubenvet. Let us know how you get on!

  3. I have rescued 3 chickens and have only had them 3 weeks I am currently using verm x on day 2 as I have had loose stools for a few days now and also had been keeping one chuck segregated as she is having a broody stage and noticed a worm in her stool. This she has obviously obtained before I rescued her as she is also incredibly thin so am keeping her apart and monitering what she eats. How long do you recommend I use verm x for? The bottle says for 3 days but can also be used for twice that long safely, but I noticed someone is using it for longer on here.

  4. I have just started keeping 3 chickens just over 3 weeks ago. At present they are being fed on Range Layer Pellets with Verm X included. If I chose to continue to feed this food, do I need to also use Flubenvet every 6 months.

    • Personally I use Flubenvet as well. There is a lot of concern within the poultry keeping community as to whether Verm-X is completely effective.

  5. Hello, here in Canada you can not get flubenvet so I’ve look at every thing I could get and bought some swine wormer with fenbendazole, a 10 lb pale and used that stuff to worm my birds as they had gape worms x4 which is a powder form. Within two days the birds where well on their way to feeling healthy. Yesterday was day three, what a diffrentce in the birds. I had also used avitrol plus, it works but the worms get used to it then you have to almost over dose them to get it to work. So for me it’s swine wormer with fenbendazole for my birds and this stuff works!

    • They are two different products and without knowing exactly how effective each one is, I would be cautious.

  6. Hi I’m trying to find the best wormer for my chickens I have about 60 and I need a wormer to kill all the 6 common worms in a chicken. What should I use?

    • I don’t know which country you are in, wormers vary from place to place – here in the UK, I would recommend Flubenvet. This contains Flubenezole.

  7. We have Silkies and Padou chickens so they are quite small. Am I correct in thinking that if we use Verm-X, we have to use it every day?

    • I can’t remember what it says now – but check the packet. I use mine every week or two when I remember.

    • Yes, although she probably isn’t eating so well at the moment so you may need to do it again once she’s off the nest. You can hang a feeder up high where the chicks can’t reach if you do.

    • Technically it’s not a wormer, Flubenvet is the licensed wormer for Turkeys. If you are only using Verm-X, I would also use a worm count kit to check for worms every so often.

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